Music is in the air

The music hotel in Sámara, Costa Rica is a place for nature and music lovers. Here at the turtle beach Buena Vista, you will find an innovative, individual hotel that can not only offer you an exceptional holiday in Costa Rica, but also some musical entertaiment and experience. It does not matter whether you want to join actively or simply listen to the beautiful sounds of music. 

Good Vibrations for music lovers in Costa Rica

Due to our evening music sessions, lots of popular and upcoming musicians and talents visited our hotel. Most of them are now most faithful guests. Whether guitar, saxophone, piano or clarinet, everyone may join our sessions, with either his own or with one of our musical instruments. It should be all about fun and the joy of music.

Enjoy a perfect holiday at the beautiful beaches of the area. Our hotel offers various apartments, rooms, a restaurant, a bar and a nice, refreshing pool surrounded by a green oasis. Palm trees, mangos and banana trees will line your everyday road from your room to the hotel porch, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. The Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo therefore is not only a place for music fans but also for those who love nature.

For many years we do music Costa Rica sessions for good Vibrations et music hotel in Sámara, near beach buena vista.

Music hotel in Sámara near the Buena Vista beach

There is a turtle project on the beach, where you can observe baby turtles, hatching and running into the sea for the first time in their life.

The regular music session at the music hotel in Sàmara will be held again.

Music Session at the Flying Taco in Samara, Costa Rica 14.12.2017

Yesterday it was Wednesday again: For us that means let’s go to Samara to the music session in the Flying Taco!

music on the stage Costa Rica
make music not war

After locking up the hotel and drinking two warm-up-beers, we made our way to Samara. Fortunately, the kitchen was still open when we arrived at the Flying Taco, and so we were able to get a delicious Cheesy Beef Burrito, which made a good base for the rest of the evening. We enjoyed the food together with Cerveza artesenal and Mojito. First it was still relatively quiet, but over the time the bar became more crowded.

Everyone is welcome
The Flying Taco is really well attended and among the guests there is a colorful mix of different people. Many Gringos but also Ticos and Europeans leave their four walls every Wednesday to enjoy themselves either in the audience or directly on stage. Whether old or young, big or small, professional or beginner – everyone is invited to either listen to the music of others or to perform themselves and to entertain the visitors.

The level depends on the level of alcohol
The level of music is very different. Sometimes pretty cool talented people are on stage, rocking the crowd – sometimes it’s rather bad than right. But with the right level of alcohol, you can usually endure everything. And the worse the performance, the better the beer tastes. After all, the fun and the pleasure comes first anyway, and we have definitely always had it. In the course of the evening, the audience begins to dance, it gets louder, it gets fuller, the bartenders mix one cocktail after the other and the mood gets looser.

Even if it sometimes gets a bit chaotic, yesterday we had a funny evening again and we can only recommend: Come on, it’s worth it! And if you are still looking for a bed, to sleep off your hangover after the session then you are welcome to drive back to the Hotel Costa Rica.

Festival de la Luz in San José


Also this year, the capital of Costa Rica began to shine particularly brightly for one evening. On Saturday, December 17, 2017, the annual Festival de la Luz – the „Festival of Light“ – took place in San José for the festive christmas season.

As always, the traditional Costa Rican event was well attended, with nearly a million Ticos and Ticas coming to town to be enchanted by the myriad of lights and music. Various bands and musicians played, dance and cheerleading groups thrilled the audience with their choreographies and parades, but above all the parade wagons adorned with colorful lights fascinated the audience. Towards the end of the evening several winners in different categories were chosen. As far as the most original car is concerned, the Banco Nacional has gone to great lengths to get the first place. They have made a statement in terms of sustainability – typical of Costa Rica – by collecting thousands of plastic bottles to make their gigantic wagon in the shape of a car.

The night seems to have been a magical spectacle with a lot of celebration. We think the cleaning up the next day wasn’t that magical.

part at the light festival Costa Rica
Festival de la luz



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