Saturday big Music session in our hotel Playa Buena Vista!
Everybody is invited to join us!


Music hotel Costa Rica

Sámara, Beach Buena Vista

Music is in the air

The music hotel in Sámara, Costa Rica is a place for nature and music lovers. Here at the turtle beach Buena Vista, you will find an innovative, individual hotel that can not only offer you an exceptional holiday in Costa Rica, but also some musical entertaiment and experience. It does not matter whether you want to join actively or simply listen to the beautiful sounds of music. 

Due to our evening music sessions, lots of popular and upcoming musicians and talents visited our hotel. Most of them are now most faithful guests. Whether guitar, saxophone, piano or clarinet, everyone may join our sessions, with either his own or with one of our musical instruments. It should be all about fun and the joy of music.

Enjoy a perfect holiday at the beautiful beaches of the area. Our hotel offers various apartments, rooms, a restaurant, a bar and a nice, refreshing pool surrounded by a green oasis. Palm trees, mangos and banana trees will line your everyday road from your room to the hotel porch, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. The Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo therefore is not only a place for music fans but also for those who love nature.

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Costa Rica, 15.01.2015

Events in Costa Rica

January is a month of high season in Costa Rica. There are the long school holidays and tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the dry weather in this period. Of course there are several events taking place at this time of the year, to be enjoyed by local as well as international visitors!

From 14th until 18th January there are the Fiestas Típicas in honour of Santo Cristo de Esquipulas in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste province. Parades, the traditional ride on the bull and of course dance and music are on the program.

After eight years of pause the Festival Costa Rock will take place again in 2016! However, this festival is not exclusively about rock, as the name suggests, but there are also musicians and bands representing the genres Ska, Reggae and others. The event takes place in Peppers Club in Zapote, San José and tickets are to be purchased for 10,000 Colones.

On Saturday, 23th January 2016, the Gran Tope will be celebrated in the towns of Nosara and Playas del Coco, both located in the province of Guanacaste. The Tope is a traditional horse parade, being the highlight of a party which lasts several days. Part of the event are also concerts, dance and traditional activities such as rodeo.



Costa Rica, 28.12.2015

Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta

When the year comes to an end, there is always something to celebrate. Of course, here in Costa Rica we also have fiesta during the Christmas holidays and the New Year. Here a short overview over the parties in the upcoming days:

Fiesta de los toros de Sámara, Guanacaste

Starting at Christmas, the Fiesta de los Toros in Sámara takes place yearly and ends eleven days later, beginning of January. There is entertainment with music, horse parade and of course the ride on the toros. And here the bulls are not killed, as in the traditional Spanish corridas. Sámara has become a very touristic hot spot, but at the Fiesta de los Toros you will meet local people, as well.

Fiesta de Zapote, San José

Those who like the more metropolitan atmosphere may go for the Fiesta de Zapote which takes place in the capital. From 25th December until 3rd January San José’s Zapote district turns into a celebration with music, meals and drinks, games, rollercoaster and other rides and many more. It is one of the country’s biggest parties, however, it has its price: a day ticket costs 20 thousand Colones, which is about 40 US Dollar.

And more fiesta…

Who is into reggae, might be interested in the concert of the Puerto Rican band Cultura Profética.  The event starts on Tuesday, 29th December 2015, in Playas del Coco and the entrance is 17,500 colones. You can purchase the tickets for example in Nicoya, Liberia or directly in Playas del Coco.

For those who just want to escape the whole hurly-burly around Christmas, might choose for the Yoga festival in Cartago. “Un nuevo comienzo” – a new start – is the name of this one day long festival, which takes place for the first time this year on 27th December. The main topics are reflection on the past year, meditation and healthy food.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Sámara, 03.12.2015

Beer, animal protection and pre-Christmas feeling

To begin the pre-Christmas season here in Costa Rica, several music and cultural events will take place in the Guanacaste region. Different kinds of concerts and the first craft beer festival will welcome guests in the upcoming days.

On Sunday, 6th December 2015, Nicoya will be hosting the Festival de la Luz Nicoya Brilla. At 3 PM it starts in Nicoya’s park, several bands will be playing and the 167th anniversary of Nicoya as a canton will be celebrated.

In canton Carrillo there will be different kinds of concerts and dance events from 3rd to 6th of December.

Next week on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th December canton Hochanja will be home to the Convivio Navideño. There will be activities for the elderly, for children and on Friday from 7 PM stand up comedy is on the program.

On Saturday, 5th December, Nosara is hosting its first craft beer festival. Tickets are available for 10.000 ? (19 $) and include six beer tastings. The collected money will help financing animal protection projects. Cheers then!



Samara, 06.03.2015

Samara, a new Paris

Samara is becoming more and more of a second Paris. More and more artists are coming to Samara and sharing their talents and visions. Artists support and contribute to the artistic and cultural activities which take place every month in Samara. 
There were several events in February and there are more activities scheduled in March and April.

On the 7th of March takes place the event Puro Cuento, an international event in San Jose. There will be performances, like the renowned Colombian narrator Mauricio Grande.

An another event in March is the "Photography as an Excuse".  This is an introduction to photography as a method of exploring for youth 15-18 years old. This course will be taught by photographer Selena Avendaño, who graduated from Veritas University.
On the 11th of April, the festival will also have a conference in the Embassy of Argentina in Costa Rica about the historical figure freedom fighter Jose de San Martin.

To support the culture of Costa Rica, the whole festival will be in Spanish. With this action, they want to support and motivate the foreigners to meet the original culture of Costa Rica.

28.02.2015, Costa Rica

Envision Festival am Strand vom Playa Uvita, Costa Rica

The music festival scene has evolved from simply a form entertainment to a cultural movement. The Envision festival is an eco-conscious and spiritual gathering complete with international music, yoga, workshops, waterfalls, surfing, jungle exploration and beyond. It is about an appreciation for humanity and the planet that houses us.

The first phase of headliners has been announced and includes acts such as Groundation, Phaeleh, The Polish Ambassador, Wildlight, Emancipator, Ott, Bluetech, Random Rab, Govinda, Ill-Esha, Dimond Saints, Stickybirds, AMB, Ayla Nereo, and GsaQi, with Costa Rican reggae headliner Un Rojo and Guatemala's Los Miseria Cumbia Band. A preview of the workshop headliners include yoga teachers such as Cristi Cristensen, Rachel Brathen, and Kishan Shah, art installations by Chris Dyer, Carey Thompson, and Mugwort Artemisia alongside Permaculture. There will also be educational workshops from teachers such as Penny Livingston, Daniel Pinchbeck from Reality Sandwich, Charles Eisenstein, Sarah Wu, plus permaculturist and Envision co-founder, Stephen Brooks.
It starts as a humble backyard boogie and has grown into an epic gathering of artists and travelers from around the globe.

The Envision Festival will take place where beach meets forest in the jungle of Uvita, an adventurer's paradise from the 26.02.-01.03.2015.