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The sound of silence – costa rica jungle sound

costa rica jungle sound – wie sich der anhört fragt ihr euch? Wir haben, wie immer, auch in diesem Fall eine Antwort für euch parat. Aber dieses Mal exklusiv und manchmal sogar LIVE.

Musik im Hotel Samara
Euch erwarten mixed Sessions aus Jazz, Klassik und Rock

+++ Einzigartiges Konzert-Erlebnisse +++

costa rica jungle sound – Immer wieder verwöhnen wir euch im Hotel Lodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo mit geilen Konzerten. 

Das erfolgreiche Bach & Jazztrio aus San Jose bestehend aus Heinrich Neukirch, Allan Chinchilla und Franklin Huezo spielt einen Mix aus Jazz, Klassik und Rock.

Vorbei kommen, der Eintritt ist immer frei.

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costa rica jungle sound Musikhotel Costa Rica, Strand Samara
Bald gehen die Musiksessionen wieder los.

Jungle sound music for meditation – yes or no?

Everyone has experienced what music can do to our minds, our emotions, even our bodies. The first heartbreak, the road trip to the ocean, or that one summer song that immediately sends us back to the moment of hearing it as soon as it sounds. Music anchors itself deeply in our memory and emotions. Just like meditation. It has now been scientifically proven that meditation even affects us down to our cells.

So what happens when we combine these two powerful tools – music and meditation? When it comes to the question of whether meditating with or without music is better, opinions are divided. On the one hand, when meditating, we want to perceive the here and now as it is and give neutral space to our thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, meditation music can be so wonderfully relaxing and calm our thoughts. We get to the bottom of the question of when music can support us in meditation and when we should rather go into silence.

The genre of meditation music: What’s behind it?

Music for meditation has no particular origin. In just about every culture, music is an important component, as are meditative elements. Be it the shamanic drum dance or the choir in church. Music brings us into a different state of consciousness, connects us with each other, and can awaken all the emotions of the emotional palette. So what is all behind meditation music?

By meditation music, on the one hand, you can mean the music that is created during meditative rituals, for example, monk chanting or the sounds of a singing bowl. In the following, we will introduce you to music that you can play during meditation and that can thus support you in relaxing and focusing. There are many possibilities:

jungle sound
meditation with the natural sound of the forest

Atmospheric background music: all natural sounds fall into this category, but can sometimes be supplemented by panpipes or singing bowl sounds. So this is also the category jungle sounds are a part of.

In Costa Rica you dont nead a music player to meditate with jungle sound. Just find your self a nice place on the beach or the jungle and enjoy the natural sounds. A perfect place for meditation and calming your mind is the Jungle Lodge Paraiso Cocodrilo located 20 minutes from Samara next to the quiet and natural beach Buena Vista. The area is less touristic than other places on the pacific coast, so you wont meat tourist crowds and can enjoy the peaceful nature.

Classical music: With classical music, you should make sure that it is without vocals and does not arouse strong emotions. So preferably harmonious, quiet pieces of music in the major key.

Singing bowl music: Singing bowls can either be struck like bells or vibrated by friction. The vibrations can have a very relaxing effect and are therefore often used in sound therapy.

Binaural beats: With binaural beats, your two ears are each exposed to different frequencies. Your brain waves adapt to the frequencies and enter a third, slower vibration. In this frequency you are more relaxed and a meditative state is favored. However, for understandable reasons, the beats only work when you use headphones.


mit dem buddhistischen Weisen Acharya Lama Sönam Rabgye!  im Alegría Dharma Center, Esterones bei Sámara nahe dem Hotel Costa Rica, Paraiso del Cocodrilo. Es kamen etwa 25 Personen, einige die für den Morgen gebucht hatten, blieben bis zum Abend.

Mehr Infos findet ihr hier. Oder gerne unter der Nummer +506 88328195

Bald Yoga Event direkt neben unserer Lodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo

Sound of the Jungle – geht auch mal ohne Sound.

Events Costa Rica Samara
Alegria Dharma Center in Esterones bei Samara


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